Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Eva's 1st birthday!

I had the pleasure of making a cake and cupcakes for the cutest little one year old around (hi eva!).  i love that there wasn't a theme because i like a nice understated chic kid party and usually they're not like that at all (go hana!).  

i had creative freedom but kept it pretty simple.  i made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla magnolia buttercream :

 Eva's mom liked the stamped monogram cupcakes i made in the past so i made sure to use the same stamp for her toppers:

I made little bows to represent Eva's sweet little girly side and to tie in some pink...this was a baby girls party after all ;)

I kept the cake really simple, pale tiffany blue and white with pink accents.  I made the cake topper at work;  i based it off of the water bottle wraps that were made for the party to keep everything cohesive.

i added a couple medium sized polka dots and that was it, it was complete

Here's the final result:

the sun was not kind to my cupcakes....but i guess that's what happens when you make icing from scratch.  started out pretty, then started leaning, and ended up a melted mess, lol.  thank god it was for a friend
(it took an hour for them to die so people saw them when they were pretty, so not a total loss)

let me know what you guys think and link back to your blogs in the comments :)

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Animal print cupcakes

 Hey everyone!

I know, I know....I'm never on this thing!  Sorry, life's been really busy so please forgive me.  Today I'm sharing the animal print cupcakes i made for a safari themed bridal shower.  Since there was a large quantity (72) and I'm only one person, i decided to use transferable sugar sheets instead of icing/cutting out animal patterns.  I posted about how to use sugar sheets here.  Here's how they turned out:


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