Saturday, March 31, 2012

the bow

the blog world is supposed to be a friendly little place.  most of the time it is....HOWEVER i have gotten some serious hate mail about the fact that i didn't explain how to make the bows on my minnie mouse cupcakes.  there was a whole section on how to make the big bow on the cake post (which was pretty much the same for the small ones).

a lot of people left comments asking how to make the bows but they didn't include their email address so i couldn't contact them back....if you're a "no comment blogger" you're not going to get a reply no matter how many times you write a mean email.

relax people, smile!  the world's not that bad!  due to the high volume of mean mail I've been getting for years now I'm addressing it with its own post.  its taken me so long because if you don't have anything nice to say, you don't say anything at all.  BUT i'm over it so here's one for all the meanies out there:

3 photos, here we go:

2 strips, one longer one shorter

fold both ends of the long strip toward the middle

 wrap the shorter strip around

this is how they look...sorry its blurry, don't spam me about it lol

there people!  can the cyber bullying end now??? geez lol

***to all the kind people that asked me in a polite way, i probably emailed you back about it unless you didn't provide an email address...i still love you guys ;)