Monday, January 9, 2012

Engagement photos

We just got our engagement pictures back!  Our photographer for the engagement session (as well as for our wedding day) is Amber Holritz.  She's awesome, you should all check out her websites.  Click here to visit her and her husband's website and here to visit her blog.  You wont regret it :)

Here are a couple of our photos:


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some updates :)

haven't posted any house updates since i finished the stone wall because everything since then has been little things, but little things make a big difference sometimes. 


i can never resist a chloe pic:

one more bc i know you guys have missed her:

i STILL haven't done a single thing upstairs....literally.  We don't even have baseboards : O 

My wedding

Here's the inspiration board for the ceremony i made when i first started planning.  fast forward to today where we've already paid all of the deposits (except flowers and entertainment)
our super unique wedding is going to be 26 stories underground.  yup, we're getting married in a cavern...not just any cavern, but a cavern with a waterfall inside (as you can see from the top left photo).    we think its super awesome but 20% of people i tell HATE it.  that's ok thought bc its OUR wedding :)

We've already taken 2 trips up to Chattanooga and set everything up for the wedding.  we have one more trip before the big day.  The only thing left for me to do is choose a florist and wedding entertainment...well that's all i think i have to do!

anyhoo, we just took our engagement photos a week ago and they came out great!  i'm going to post them along with our amazing photographer's info.

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