Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cat in the Hat cake + cupcakes!

Hello everyone!  Time for another cake post!  i promise i have some home related things coming up i've just been so busy!  This cake is cat in the hat themed, it was a fun cake and pretty easy...first step is always the same: bake and cool

red velvet anyone?

after the cakes were cool i decided to cover them separately, because there would've 
been to many creases toward the bottom on such a tall cylindrical cake
(plus i covered the seam with stripes so nobody will ever see that)

i cut strips of fondant and stacked them up the cake, i used black 
sugar paper for the black lines to cover the seams

the cupcakes were thing 1 and thing 2 themed...the first thing i did was find their little 
logos and printed them out on regular paper and spent way too much time cutting 
them out.  when i was done i hot glue-gunned (new verb!) the pieces to the front
of my red cupcake liners (that already had the baked cupcakes inside of them).


here's how they came out after i iced them...pretty cute huh? 

well i really wanted that crazy thing 1 and thing 2 hair to come across more so i decided to add 
some blue cotton candy to them.  you should do this as the absolute last step due to the fact
that the cotton candy will want to melt.  i sprinkled a little powdered sugar around the
edges to dry it up a little then i pressed the cotton candy around the edges of the icing

loved this job!  my mom always read me dr. seuss growing up and we share a birthday so i feel connected to the crazy seuss world :)

let me know what you think and as always remember to link back to your blogs so i can go by and say hi!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brunchin' it

Every time we have family in from out of town we put together a big brunch.  I love trying new recipes each time, i make sure never to repeat my contributions.  This time i decided to do an "eggs in a basket" type thing as well as french toast kebabs.

I wanted to bake my eggs inside of  a "bread bowl"  but of course there were no round rolls to be found anywhere!! ugh just my luck...the only round rolls i could find were soft, they need to be crunchy so i had to get oval ones :(  as a result my eggs were too small for the oval hole *sigh*  but they tasted great so lets just pretend they look just as good.  Start by pre-heating the oven to 350

slice each roll at the top and remove some of the bread on the inside making room for the egg.  I decided to put a piece of ham down as a barrier

Crack an egg in each roll and add some heavy cream and your favorite herbs (i believe i used tarragon), i also added some grated Parmesan cheese on top 

pop them in the oven and bake until eggs are set and rolls are toasted (approximately 20 minutes)

the french toast kebabs are super easy, just make your favorite french toast recipe.  when the french toast is ready cut them up into cubes like so:

just add them to your skewers with some fruit (we used strawberries, bananas, and pineapples) and they're ready...ok i may have also drizzled some chocolate on there too...shhh!

PS as good as all that sounds, its NOTHING compared to the staple of all of our brunches: Brown sugar glazed bacon!  its amazing!!! and so easy!  basically cover bacon with brown sugar and bake that's all, i found the recipe from Bon Appetite a while ago and have been obsessed ever since!  Click the pic for the link

 Let me know what you think and remember to link back to your blogs :)

Other recipes made for brunch include:
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