Monday, June 27, 2011

Michael Jackson cake!

 Hello everyone!

This past weekend was by brother's 29th birthday and ever since he was born he's been obsessed with Michael Jackson!  When we were kids we used to listen to the thriller album and cry when the scary voice came on mother even hired him an MJ impersonator for his 3rd birthday...we're talking hardcore superfan from the begining, haha!

I thought it was only appropriate to make him a michael jackson themed birthday cake!  I only had 3 hours to make it but i think it came out pretty good considering.

First thing i did was draw up a Michael Jackson silhouette  (i used one from smooth criminal music video).  I cut it out at work, i know, unfair advantage :P

Next was the baking and covering of the cake with fondant

 i used ribbons around the base of the cake, like i said before, i had very limited time and ribbons are a quick fix.  i painted the michael jackson cake topper and made the sidewalk....i mixed in some black sugar into the grey fondant to make the side walk look a little dirty lol.

i dont know if you all remember the Billie Jean video BUT every sidewalk tile MJ walked on lit up.  That's why there are 2 yellow sidewalk tiles under his feet.
the last pop culture reference on the cake was actually that pepsi video where Michael's hair caught fire.  I decided to incorporate that idea into the candle Justin would blow out.  I used a sparker candle that didnt really sparkle at all!  oh well :)  (also, poor MJs middle finger fell off, lol oops!)

Here's how it came out!  i hope you all like it :)  if you have any questions leave a comment and i'll get back to you as soon as i can.  Remember to link back to your blog so i can go visit!
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy weekend!

Hey guys!  i hope you all had a wonderful father's day weekend, i know i did!  This weekend i had 2 dinner parties back to back, and i LOVED it!  they were my first ones in my new place :)  i can bake like its nobody's business, however, cooking doesn't come so naturally!  I'm happy to report everything i prepared came out great, nothing got burnt, i didn't leave any ingredients out,  and nothing was undercooked!

First dinner party was for one of my best friends Ginny.  we met when we were 8 and have been friends ever since :)   i missed her original birthday celebration and wanted to make sure she had a special day. Thankfully i had some help from my friend Sarah (click her name and visit her awesome blog) who's more experienced in the cooking department.  But i am getting better lol.  i obviously had to make Ginny her favorite chocolate chocolate chip cake with cream cheese icing, here's how it came out:
I made the cake early in the morning the day of the party so i didn't have so much time.   I made it simple and used edible paper for the design under the G.  Lots of look with minimal effort.  Easy cake for beginners to try, sorry i dont have any step by step photos of this one, super rushed.  you can go back and look through some past cakes if you want to learn how.  We had lots of fun, i love doing nothing and talking crap with friends, sometimes its more fun than going out :)

Second dinner party was for my dad on fathers day.  I made prime rib and asparagus risotto (mom helped with that one).  For dessert my grandma made cannolis  (my #1 favorite thing in the world...even above ice cream and if you know me, that's a serious claim) Here are some pics :)

 family gatherings generally look like this, men gather around the tv and watch sports while the women slave away in the kitchen....kind of sexist but true lol ;)

 mmmm....grandma cannolis!

Let me know what you think and link back to your blogs so i can visit :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Can I brag about my uncle for a second????

Hey guys!  You all remember my uncle Jimmy right??  He's the one that helped me with my wainscoting project.  Well, he's an AMAZING wood turner.  I think he's more than just a wood turner, he's an artist.  We've all been telling him that for a long time now.  The things he makes for us are so beautiful and special!

Well i'm so happy to tell you all that his work is currently being showcased by Intown Gallery in Chattanooga Tennessee.  I wish i could go visit the exhibit in person!  So if any of you live there, go visit and let me know how you like it!  Here are some photos of his work:

isn't he amazing?!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Antique candy dish from my great great grandmother

  a couple months ago my grandmother gave me a candy dish that belonged to her grandmother or my great great grandmother.  its so pretty but needed to be polished badly (i researched, its from the very late 1800s according to the mark on the bottom)....its amazing what some silver polish can do!  i still need to get a polishing cloth because it still needs a little more work... but still, big difference in 5 minutes :)

also, i have 2 fun baking jobs this month!  cant wait to share :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My new stone wall !

Hello again :)

This week's post is about my stone wall. I've wanted a stone wall for a looooooooong time. I love the look and texture rough stacked stone brings. I've gone to a billion stone places the past 5 months trying to find an option that was the right color and in my budget. Finding the right color was easy...finding the right price was NOT! Everyone wanted around $20 a square foot, i did not want $20 a square foot. Luckily, I found a stone place that was completely incompetent and they misquoted me by a lot, and then they tried to take it back, but i complained. I called the distributor and after lots of back and forth, they agree to give me a wholesale price of $12 a square foot if i paid cash. Shaaady BUT i got my stone :)

A family friend of ours does a lot of stone and tile work so i gave him a call to help me out. I paid a lot for the stone and i wanted it to be i dont have the right kind of saw to cut the tiles. Mike came and helped me out :) this is the adhesive he used. You can find it here i did a little bit of research and this isn't the best option for flooring due to the fact that it takes 5 days to fully dry, however, since nobody is walking on my walls, its' perfect :) it's premixed so just open it and use it.

I watched mike work hard on my wall and i took photos of the process for those of you who are more confident than me.

Mike made sure each row was perfectly level...and they were because he's a pro :)

almost done and looking good

done :)

after the clean up :)

I'm really happy with the way it turned out! it looks even more amazing in person :) Let me know what you guys think, i always love your feedback! and as always, if you have an questions leave me a comment with your email address and i'll get back to you as soon as i can :)

aaaaaand since blogger has been temperamental lately with comment posting, just select anonymous or name/URL when leaving a comment if your having trouble with google sign ins....lots of people have been making the switch over to wordpress and i can see why!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Find....I'm inspired

The thing i love about link parties is that i get inspired every time! Great way to get your blog out there but also a great way to find cool things to try. Today one of my biggest issues i have in my bathroom was solved the second i set eyes on this post!

Laura over at Laura's Thoughts made a magnetic make up board. I cant wait to make one of these immediately! I have the perfect little wall in my bathroom where a medicine cabinet is supposed to live, no thanks, I'd rather have a makeup board! No more makeup all over my counter and scattered in random drawers :)