Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things i love thursday - LINK UP

Its thursday again! go over and visit Melissa at Days Filled with Love and link up!

i love that i get at least 3 emails daily from readers asking to see more guys love her as much as i do!

i love sleeping.....its the best and i dont get to do it nearly enough, i'm always so tired!

i love peanut butter! peter pan honey roasted!!! omg i live for it, and my boyfriend is allergic so i can only eat it when he's not around, haha

i love reading......i wish i could find another great series, nothing has been the same after harry potter and hunger games haha....suggestions are appreciated! but dont tell me twilight because i refuse lol

I love my niece and nephew....they are sooooooooooooo adorable but they live in NY :( i never get to see them, i need a vacation!

what do you love?


  1. Came by thru the blog hop and now a new follower thru GFC. I did not see a Facebook or Twitter button so I could not follow thru on those. If I missed them somehow just let me know and I can come back. I would love a follow back on GFC if you don't mind. Have a great weekend!


  2. Have you ever heard of Francine Rivers? She is an amazing Christian Fiction author. I am in love with her boks. She has a series called The Mark of the Lion. There are three books...I highly recommend any of her books!

  3. Try the Alchamyst series by Michael Scott. I think you might like it :)


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