Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring cake

Last week i had a baking job for a baby shower....the theme was spring flowers. Originally she sent me a reference image of what she wanted, that cake would've cost her about $100 due to the size and complexity. The budget was much smaller so we scaled it way back and I created a very simple cake for her. She wanted a plain white cake with flowers on the side.

first off I baked the cake...obviously (no idea why this uploaded sideways) its red velvet chocolate chip if you're wondering.

once the cakes are baked and cooled, i always separate each layer 1 to 2 times depending on how high the cake is....this way you get extra icing in the cake and it's more moist.....i use a cake separator like the one cuts perfectly level unlike my hand which will make crooked horrible cuts

this is what it looks like after
somewhere between separating the cake/ icing/ rolling out the fondant/ and adding the fondant i forgot to take oops, sorry, i have another baking job this Friday, I'll make sure the take photos of all the steps

i used plunger cutters for the flowers and the butterflies as you see below

I drew the little stems and leaves on using food coloring markers

i also forgot to take a picture of the flowers and little baby that went on top of the cake because i suck : /

I'll add better pictures next cake, i promise :) this is an easy cake, anyone can do it, even a first timer!


  1. you are so good at this!! i cant wait for you to do the cake for olivia :)

  2. I cant wait to see your tutorial on how to roll out the fondant and everything else! I am dying to try this kind of undertaking myself! (not clients just for me hehe)

  3. This cake is beautiful! I definitely need one of those slicey thinggers!

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  5. This is the perfect Spring cake!

    I might get a few gasps when I confess that I haven't yet baked a red velvet cake; I tried it once, just never actually baked one. But yours look delicious with the addition of chocolate chips.

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  7. OH MY, what a beautiful cake!

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  8. I'm a new follower from Welcome Wednesday! I love baking! I'm just getting started though lol. I'm looking foward to seeing more from you!

  9. I am extremely impressed! What amazing talent!

    I found you from Thrifty Thursday!


  10. Very pretty cake!

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  12. Stunning, just beautiful! I love spring looking cakes.

  13. that is adorable, and sitting on that scalloped bottom just makes it so sweet!

  14. So beautiful! I love little flowers and the ribbon really neatens up the edges!

  15. That is so pretty! I love the little flowers.

  16. Mmmmm....Red Velvet chocolate chip. That just sounds heavenly. Your cake was gorgeous too! Well done, mama!

  17. OMG, I'm with Denise... red velvet chocolate chip, that sounds to die for. But it looks too pretty to cut up and eat.
    Thank you so much for linking up with our meme, I hope you join us again next Thursday with another gorgeous cake.

  18. this is SO Pretty!!! very springy, very cute!! love how it turned out.

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday! Hope to see ya again this week :)

  19. Sooo gorgeous! It almost looks like a beautiful springtime hat in that last pic. :) I bought fondant a while back and haven't had the nerve to actually use it. lol This is inspiring!

  20. That is the cutest spring cake I've ever seen. Good job!!

  21. The cake is so delicate and gorgeous. Love it.

  22. What a cute cake. And definitely yummy to look at. Hope you had given the recipe, eh.

    Cathy@cheap digitizing


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