Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!

i'm pretty sure its been 8,257 years since i've blogged...and by 8,257 years i mean 4 months.

sorry about that. wasn't the point of this blog to post as i renovate?? yeah that didn't happen, did it?! I definitely underestimated the LACK of free time i'd have once i became a homeowner. She needs a lot of work!

in the past 4 months i've been doing a little bit of this:

and a little bit of this....

some of this.....(stylin ensemble for sanding rusty patio furniture)

and lots of that..
oh yeah and i've been baking too....bottom line is i have 4 months worth of post for you guys :) i think i'll start with a couple cakes
hope you guys have been well :)

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