Thursday, January 27, 2011

my floating entertainment center :)

Every thing about my house is small, exept for one wall....its 16' wide. It was obviously the only wall where a tv was supposed to go. One problem, every option i went through was dwarfed by the wall...that's when i decide: i need a full wall unit.

not only would it be a focal point, i'd get tons of additional storage that i was missing downstairs. I went to ikea and assembled my version of their modular series. i chose a smoked glass for the backing to make it even more dramatic.

this photo is after we assembled every cabinet...its ready to go up
if you look at the bottom, you'll notice that the entire unit is floating on the wall. I trust myself to do a lot of things...but making a huge entertainment center hang on the wall is not something i wanted to try. I called my friend Michael from my Home Made Simple days to help. He was the contractor for the show...we were the off camera design/carpentry people. He did such an amazing job!

I created a dimensioned elevation for him as well as an outline of each box and its contents....I helped with the shelves and the door fronts but everything else was all him.

the room is still a work in progress...i need to dress the shelves on both sides of the tv (there are glass shelves, i dont know if you can tell) and get side chairs....mainly accessorizing issues

i have already put up faux wainscoting and have just started paint touch ups....but that's for another post ;) here's a sneak peek:

its faux because the space inside the "frame" is just my wall painted the same color as my wood pieces

i hope you like it!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Pricess Leia Pup

Go visit debbie-doos pet party:

Monday, January 24, 2011

nautical baby shower cupcakes

a highschool friend contacted me about doing some nautical themed cupcakes for her baby shower. She gave me free reign and this is what i came up with. the stamped "R" disks were done with the rubber scrap booking stamps, easy and effective....i have a step by step tutorial of this from last year if you're interested.

I drew the little anchors and drew little "R"s on the sailboats with edible writing markers. Basically the ink is food coloring :)

Here's a closer look, i hope you like them :)

Let me know what you think!

sally lee by the sea did a really nice post about me....go check them out, lots of fun ideas and inspiration over there :)

Sally Lee by the Sea - Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle

little eme featured

All photos were shot by Crystal Lynn Fielding

pretty :)

just thought i'd let you know that i love my chandelier...that is all :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My kinda new patio furniture :)

my boyfriend's parents just got new patio furniture. this ended up being extremely convenient for me seeing as they were throwing away their old set! i asked if i could have the chairs (my patio is too tiny for a 5' diameter round table) and they said yes :)

the chairs needed A LOT of work due to how rusted they had become but i'm not afraid of a little hard work :) espicially when i'm getting patio furniture for FREE! i did not realize how expensive patio furniture was until i had to buy some, haha.

Here's what they look cant tell in this pick but they were reaaaaaaaaally rusted.

here's a zoomed in shot of the quality:

i went to home depot and got some rust remover...which by the way, SUCKS! i'm pretty sure no rust was removed at all! so i had to sand all the rust away...for hoooooooours! took forever between the 4 chairs. once they were sanded i sprayed them with some rustolium paint and they looked good as new!

Here's how they came out!

next up i ordered cusions and they were ready for my patio

I still have to order an umbrella and the outdoor area rug i have in mind.

2 changes make a HUGE difference

thankfully when i bought my house the kitchen wasn’t HORRIBLE. i told my realtor i either wanted a place with a nice kitchen and sucky floors or sucky kitchen with nice floors. that way i wouldn’t have to spend a small fortune on renovating both.

So, here's the way my kitchen looked when i bought it. cabinets are nice enough, if i have to have laminate cabinets id rather them look like wood and be neutral. i wasn’t crazy about the pulls, i prefer handles. I also hated the outdated appliances. one quick trip to the store, and both problems solved.

I bought an 5 piece appliance bundle from a local outlet store at huge discount. i'm pretty sure they were older modles but they look nice and modern. they're from LG which is a great brand, i'm really happy with them :) they actually brought me a new dishwasher by mistake, it was $100 more expensive than what i paid for in the store...i didnt correct their mistake , haha. here's hoping karma doesnt punish me too badly!
eventually i'll change the countertops, its the last thing about the kitchen that i'm not fond of, but again neutral laminate is something i can deal with....for now ;)

my new problem is...what do i do with all of these??

anyone have any creative uses for me? if not i'll donate them

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thrift store find!

Look what i found at the habitat for humanity re-store!

its made completely out of solid wood. I fell in love instantly, i'm obsessed with the doors in particular. I was on the lookout for a credenza with textured doors ever since i saw this beauty:

Too bad gorgeous up there is nearly $4,000! maybe if i won the lottery but not after forking out a HUGE down payment and renovating costs...i dont have $4,000 to spare lol

BUT this find is really pretty and i know i can get the same look by painting and refinishing the hardware....i'm really excited for this project but it will have to wait as i have 500 things on my to do list, haha.

Here's a closer view....i should've taken better photos : /

oh guess how much she was??? only $47!!
you like?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

alice in wonderland cake :)

you may recall and old post where i found a couple of cute teapots at a thrift store for my favorite little one's allice in wonderland party....well here's the cake i made for the party :)

i was really happy with it up until the lettering for her name...i was going to do whimsical lettering and it was going to be perfect! BUT i ran out of time and had to zoom over to the law office to close on my house. other than that i think it came out pretty cute

Can we take a moment to look at that awesome cake stand?! yup, that's a real tree trunk! my uncle is an amazing wood turner and i asked him to find a random tree stump with bark still on it and varnish it. I thought it was fun and festive and went with the wonderland theme. He's amazing, that is all.

Here's my little bff with her cake :)

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chocolate chip cookie cupcakes

what's better than a chocolate chip cookie? a cupcake? why choose, when you can have both!

A friend of mine passed her citizenship test recently and i wanted to make her cupcakes. I had seen the cookie dough cupcakes around bloggy land and decided to try it out myself. AND i cheated and used Pillsbury break and bake cookie dough.

make the batter, fill the liners, drop some cookie dough in there....done!

bake, ice, and sprinkle and they're ready

a cookie in every bite :)

they were delicious, you should definitley try it out, super easy and your friends/kiddos will love them....let me know what you think

Dragonfly Designs

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!

i'm pretty sure its been 8,257 years since i've blogged...and by 8,257 years i mean 4 months.

sorry about that. wasn't the point of this blog to post as i renovate?? yeah that didn't happen, did it?! I definitely underestimated the LACK of free time i'd have once i became a homeowner. She needs a lot of work!

in the past 4 months i've been doing a little bit of this:

and a little bit of this....

some of this.....(stylin ensemble for sanding rusty patio furniture)

and lots of that..
oh yeah and i've been baking too....bottom line is i have 4 months worth of post for you guys :) i think i'll start with a couple cakes
hope you guys have been well :)