Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Upcoming Tutorials!

Hello everyone!! Just a little sneak preview of what's to come! I hope you all enjoyed the Minnie Mouse tutorials, I'm getting a lot of really great feedback. Thanks for all the lovely compliments, you guys make me happy :) I kinda feel like you all are a little baked out so i'm going to focus on some non baking projects...but only for a while bc i'm a baker too :)

The first project is this style of doormats I saw on etsy:

Love it! It will look great in my new place (if i ever make any progress with this stupid short sale!!! breathe jackie, breath!) The shop owner is super talented BUT i was seeing some $75-$110 price tags attached. I'm not cheap but I feel like maybe I can make it for less. If I fail completely, I will just post pictures of me tangled up in frustration for all of you to laugh at. Either way, you will be entertained: see a cool tutorial or point and laugh at Jackie's failed attempt at the prettiest doormat she's seen :D

And as you already know, I will be making the other style of baby booties I shared a while back. Here they are one more time:

So cute!!! I'll tell you where to get the pattern and show the step by step process. The goal is to get them half as cute as these little peep toe wonders! Ugh, love them!

Hope you're all doing well! i love being inspired by all of your gorgeous work, see you at the linky parties :)


  1. That mat is so cute,i hope you figure out how to make it ;D

  2. I can't wait to see a tute about the mat. It looks unique.

  3. hey kackie! Thanks for leaving your sweet comment on my blog post (Funny Bum Returns)! I am crazy in LOVE with these shoes! I´m trying to get my sister to help me out and make this a family buissness and I want her to make the shoes...this is truly inspiring! Saludos desde mexico! Clau
    Handmade Con Amor

  4. I love the mat too!! I can't wait to see your pics....good or bad! I was coming to thank you for stopping by today and to follow you but...I ALREADY DO!! :)

  5. I really want to know how to make those cute little shoes. Soon, please, before summer ends.
    Thanks for sharing all you do. This is only my second time here, I received your link from a friend.

  6. Hey - FYI the Martha Stewart Big Book of Crafting (not sure that's the exact title...) has a DIY for this mat. That picture actually came from MS, I think. Hope that helps!
    - Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com


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