Sunday, July 25, 2010

new projects soon :)

Just an update, I got another minnie mouse cake job for this weekend. its different from the last one so come by and check it out. This is the inspiration image the mommy gave me, let see how close i can get it as an unprofessional baker haha....PRESSURE!

This cake was made by LeeLee over at: Lee Lees Cake Abilities and More

I also found another cake over at Ben Bakes - in Paris

there are several variations of this cake floating around the internet, just google minnie mouse cake :)

i will post the bow tutorial Friday (if it comes out good, if not it may be Saturday) I'm hoping to get it half as cute as these two cakes :)

Also, I'm making the cutest baby booties for my friends soon to be born baby girl. My sewing skills are pretty basic when dealing with anything other than pillows and draperies so if i can do it you can too! Here are the booties i will be attempting as soon as my etsy patterns ($3 to $4 a piece) come in.....i am CERTAIN mine will not be as perfect but i'm never scared to try :)

its gonna be pretty boring till then, haha. i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! Cant wait to see what everyone's been working on at the linky parties :)


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    And wow! Those cakes are amazing looking! Let us know how it turns out :)

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  9. I love the peep-toe version of the little girl booties!

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  10. I want those green shoes for my little girl! Oh she would be in HEAVEN! "Zoos! Zoos!"


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