Friday, July 16, 2010

My company

Since its new friend Friday and I have some new visitors, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about what I do for a living :)

You may have read up there that I own a waterjet company with my brother. A waterjet is a big machine that cuts ANY material with water. Very high pressured water of course. Any thing you can think of and draw into the computer, you can cut with very high precision. It's kind of like a silhouette on steroids, lol. We can even cut up to 6" thick metal....don't believe me??

Most days I'm busy drawing and designing car/boat/plane/motorcycle parts, but every now and then I get custom orders. I love custom orders because I get to be a little more creative. I take advantage all the time and make gifts for friends. I cant wait to make my own furniture as soon as my short sale town home is finalized(1 month and counting!).

Here are some photos of things we have cut in the past couple months:

These are the horses I drew and cut for his gates:

This next photo is actually for a yacht, we just cut it today. It's off being polished right now and will be installed later next week; it's the yacht name.

We do a good amount of lettering cuts. We cut these a couple months ago and they're finally installed. They look pretty good :)

Restaurant signage - you cant tell in the photo, but those letters/numbers are 3 inch thick aluminum.

Here is a liscense plate frame I cut and painted for my boyfriend. (GO CANES!!). I got him season tickets for his birthday (best girlfriend ever! ;))

My good friend Clint just got a new smart car, so i made him a baby smart car for his keychain :)

And lastly, this is a glass name plate I cut for my friend. That's her company's logo.

Well that's my day to day in a nutshell. I hope you found this post interesting. I plan on making lots of great things for my new place so stay tuned...


  1. I would love to have a job doing something I love that was creative. I clean teeth! Love it, but not like you would love a job like yours. You make some great stuff.

  2. Never heard of water jetting, but the things you have created are awesome. Some beautiful items here.

  3. I thought I was a girl with a lot of toys, but this is one I don't have - super cool!!

  4. My husband has a plasma cutter and I'm always hitting him up for designs I want, but your water jet is eons beyond in capability and technology! Love the things you've already done and the smart car key fob is so creative. Envious, oh my yes.

  5. What a unique blog you've got. I loved all the pictures. I've just been looking up glass cutting kits to get a piece fit for my curio and it's a mind bender for me. You make it look easy.

  6. Hi Lisa! how do I place an order with you?

  7. oops sorry I meant Jackie. Lol

  8. Haha no Lisa here! you can send me an email with what you would like cut. a quick sketch or a photo of something you like. if you want lettering let me know the font name. I would also need to know the thickness and material of what you want cut and I can send over a quote :)

    you can send your request to my personal email: or my work email:


let me know what you think :)