Monday, July 12, 2010

Another fondant cake

I hope you guys arent getting bored of baking posts. I promise to have more crafts and interior design related entries once I close on this short sale that's taking an eternity.

OK on to the cake! My best friend's daughter, who i consider my other niece, had a rockstar themed party last year. I always make her cakes, every year since she was born. She requested hot pink, and hot pink is what I gave her :)

Ok so first thing is first, bake the cake lol. After its cooled start icing.

Try to get the icing as smooth as you can. If its bumpy, the fondant will look bumpy once its on the cake. Make sure that the layer of icing isn't too thick

Now its time to roll out the fondant. Mind you, i have never taken a baking class so for all i know, i'm doing it all wrong, lol. I usually usually use powdered sugar to prevent sticking. Once its the right size I pick up up and carefully drape it over the cake. After the fondant is on the cake, i use a fondant smoother to smooth out any bumps. Once I'm happy with how it looks, i trim the excess fondant.

For this cake, I chose to use ribbons around the base. I always frame out the bottom of the cake with real ribbon or fondant decorations. The mistakes are usually at the bottom so it works out.

next up, decorations

add the decorations to the cake and you're done :) I use water to add the decorations

This was one of my first fondant cakes, its the only one i have step by step pictures of. Hope you enjoyed my novice fondant cake making tutorial. And again, i have no idea what i'm doing but i'm not scared to try :)


  1. That is a really cute cake! I have found that if your fondant is sticking that a little bit of shortening on your board will work wonders.

  2. Stopping over from WW (again!). Love this adorable cake. You are talented. Stop over and see me sometime if you can.


  3. Wow. I've been wanting to try working with fondant for a long time. You make it look easy, and even though you said you never took a class, the cake looks like a pro did it.

  4. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  5. Hi There! Beautiful cake! I too have been wanting to try working with fondant for quite some time. I've seen some great ideas on blogs today, so I may try soon.

    I'm visiting from The Saturday Standstill. Have a great weekend!


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