Friday, July 30, 2010


I have reached 100 followers!!! This makes me so very happy, thank you all so much, I promise to try and keep it interesting :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DIY Baby Booties

Ok let me start off by saying I SUCK at sewing!! I can sew a pillow and hem a curtain like its nobody's business but when it comes to anything more complicated than that, I'm HORRIBLE!! But I do love a challenge, and i'm a perfectionist enough to make thing look ok.

My friend's wife is expecting a baby girl and I reeeeeeeally wanted to make something vs buy something. I was feeding my etsy addiction one day and I found the cutest baby booties at Precious Patterns. I decided to buy a pattern and attempt sewing.

What you need:
  • Felt square
  • 1/4 of a yard of your favorite fabric
  • 1/2 of a yard of iron on Fusible Web
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread if you're patient (not me!)

First you have to bond the fabric to the felt, this provides a more sturdy backing and is soft on little baby's feet :)

Place your fusible web in between the fabric and felt and iron.

While the fabric is cooling down, cut your patterns. I cant show you the full patterns because they are copyrighted, this will have to do for now : /

Using your sewing machine, sew all around the edges of your pieces. Hopefully you're better at this than me! You'll notice later that my final picture is only of one bootie, that's bc the other one looks like a drunk person sewed it! haha, I have to re-do the other one, oh well i tried lol

Once you've sewed the perimeter, turn the piece inside out and pin the back. Once you've pinned, sew the two ends together.

After that, it starts looking like a little bootie!

Next, turn the shoe inside out again and pin the sole of the bootie to the top piece. Once you've pinned, sew all around the perimeter and add your ribbons. You're done! Not too bad for a sewing rookie.

I hope you enjoed this tutorial. I will post the other style I'm working on in the next couple of weeks. I'm visiting my grandparents next weekend and I thought it would be fun to sew it with my grandmother...PLUS she's amazing at sewing so I'll actually learn the right way to do things haha.

Let me know what you think!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

new projects soon :)

Just an update, I got another minnie mouse cake job for this weekend. its different from the last one so come by and check it out. This is the inspiration image the mommy gave me, let see how close i can get it as an unprofessional baker haha....PRESSURE!

This cake was made by LeeLee over at: Lee Lees Cake Abilities and More

I also found another cake over at Ben Bakes - in Paris

there are several variations of this cake floating around the internet, just google minnie mouse cake :)

i will post the bow tutorial Friday (if it comes out good, if not it may be Saturday) I'm hoping to get it half as cute as these two cakes :)

Also, I'm making the cutest baby booties for my friends soon to be born baby girl. My sewing skills are pretty basic when dealing with anything other than pillows and draperies so if i can do it you can too! Here are the booties i will be attempting as soon as my etsy patterns ($3 to $4 a piece) come in.....i am CERTAIN mine will not be as perfect but i'm never scared to try :)

its gonna be pretty boring till then, haha. i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! Cant wait to see what everyone's been working on at the linky parties :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

How great are these?!

So cute and SOOO easy! I found this project via Ikea Hacker (great blog!). I have TONS of cupcake liners at all times because i'm always getting baking jobs. Now i have another use for them! Cant wait till this tropical storm comes and goes so i can have a little garden party!

Get the complete tutorial here

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bling collar!

Chloe is starting to outgrow her adorable custom collars I got for her on Etsy :( Definitely should have gotten a size bigger than she needed since she was just a puppy then. I didn’t think that one through did I?! Everyone’s entitled to an airhead moment every now and then....right?! Come on, make me feel better! *hangs head in shame*

Anyways! I was clipping coupons one day and I saw one for the dog food I usually get. It was for a free collar with purchase. This worked out well and came at the perfect time. One problem! It was a pretty boring collar. I’ve been meaning to make her a new one, but I’m always at work. I needed to find a way to make the boring one cute. When I figure out how to make a collar from scratch I’ll post it, till then I will cheat and use one already made.

I ended up buying little pronged jewels that I think are used for embellishing clothing. They were the perfect size and I knew they would make an obnoxiously bling-ed out collar for my little one ;) Chloe is many things, but shy and understated is not one of them. She is a diva and deserves a collar to match her personality.

i removed the 3 inch "jewel" before starting

Place the jewels one by one onto the collar. Fold the prongs back as hard as you can to make sure they’re not sticking out. It should be smooth when you run your hands over the back of the collar. I decided that I would fill the whole collar with bling because that’s the way my pup likes it ;)

I also added a little flower because the collar just wasn’t loud enough, lol. I attached it the same way as the rest of the jewels. I pushed the jewel through to the two flowers and folded the prongs back.

This little project took me 15 minutes and cost me $8. If your dog isn’t as divalicious as mine, you can get simple little studs and ditch the flower. Either way, it’s a really easy project and your dog will love it :)

Here she is posing with her new bling:

Hope you liked my post

Yay, Chlobear and I were featured!! Go visit Fingerprints on the Fridge and Pony Tails and Fish Scales :)

PonyTails and FishScales

Sunday, July 18, 2010

3 ingredient truffles

Today my brother was having a BBQ at his place, and naturally I was ordered to make desserts. I decided to make my famous truffles. People have told me my truffles are a God given talent, lol. A litte dramatic perhaps?! Little do they know, there are only 3 ingredients and NONE of them are anything groundbreaking :)

What you need to buy:

****You actually need 2 boxes of baker's chocolate

The first thing you need to do is get your food processor out and set aside 8 Oreo. You will not be using these 8 cookies. Crush the remaining cookies until you have lots of Oreo crumbs. Mix the crumbs with one 8 ounce block of cream cheese until well blended. Next, shape the mixture into 45- 50 one inch balls. I suggest putting them in the freezer to harden before going to the next step. It makes life a lot easier and less messy!

While the insides of your truffles are hardening in the freezer, start chopping! Chopping up the chocolate makes it much easier to melt evenly. I put all of my chocolate into a bowl and microwave for 1 minute. Take it out, stir it, and put it back in for 1 more minute. It should be completely melted at this point.

Now its time for the dipping! Start dipping your truffles into the melted chocolate, make sure you completely cover them. Take 2 forks and lift them up one by one and let the chocolate drip off (I use the sides of the bowl to wipe the bottom of the fork. That way, there's no dripping chocolate when you transfer them out of the bowl). Place your chocolate dipped truffles on to wax or parchment paper to avoid sticking.

You can use those leftover 8 cookies for garnish at this point if you'd like. Just crush and sprinkle. I personally like to use the excess chocolate and dip my fork in and drizzle back and forth in rapid movements. It looks a little fancier that way ;)

I forgot to take a pic of the finished product, oops. There were only 3 that didn't fit into my container, so they were still here when I got back home. I took a picture of the 3 rejects that weren't as cute as the rest, haha. Here they are! NONE were left after the BBQ and EVERYONE thought i was gifted ;)

Ta da! If you make them you HAVE to let me know what you think!

Hoo are you?

1.Have you ever broke a bone or anything on your body?
Nope, BUT as horrible as it sounds i always wanted to when i was little because i thought having a cast was the coolest thing ever, lol

2. What is your favorite drink?
Sunkist!! i used to have a serious 5 can a day habbit. ive cut back to only 1 can 3 days a week, haha

3. When is your birthday!
March 2nd

4. Do you have an allergies?
I sure do! i have to take a zyrtec every other day just to function. I'm allergic to dust and dust mites, mold, cockroaches, and lettuce

5. What is one of your all time favorite movies?
Amelie....its the sweetest movie ever, you HAVE to see it if you havent already, i guarentee you'll feel happy and inspired after


Saturday, July 17, 2010

My baby :)

OK, I've been visiting lots of great sites via linky parties. EVERYONE has the most gorgeous children!! Well I dont have a human baby yet, but I do have one of the doggie variety. Its my turn to brag ;)

She was new here, always was and still is obsessed with sleeping with her piggy

This is my friend zoe punishing chloe for trying to eat my niece's tutu, haha....not a happy camper

the little one comes to work with me every day, sometimes she doesn't wants to and "hides" from me. She is convinced i cant see her in this pic

anyone need help moving furniture? my dog SWEARS she can lift up couches to get her balls that roll under there. the determination is pretty cute

typical chloe at work, begging at lunch time :)

pleaaaaaase play fetch with me!?

the little lovebug is OBSESSED with kisses. If you are the chosen one, she puts her little forehead on your lips and refuses to move until kisses are recieved

alright, alright, i'm done! you have to admit she is pretty darn cute :) can you believe she used to be abused?! :*(

If you're interested in getting a pet, please consider adoptions. These little blessings need happy homes. Here are some links to look into:

Friday, July 16, 2010

My company

Since its new friend Friday and I have some new visitors, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about what I do for a living :)

You may have read up there that I own a waterjet company with my brother. A waterjet is a big machine that cuts ANY material with water. Very high pressured water of course. Any thing you can think of and draw into the computer, you can cut with very high precision. It's kind of like a silhouette on steroids, lol. We can even cut up to 6" thick metal....don't believe me??

Most days I'm busy drawing and designing car/boat/plane/motorcycle parts, but every now and then I get custom orders. I love custom orders because I get to be a little more creative. I take advantage all the time and make gifts for friends. I cant wait to make my own furniture as soon as my short sale town home is finalized(1 month and counting!).

Here are some photos of things we have cut in the past couple months:

These are the horses I drew and cut for his gates:

This next photo is actually for a yacht, we just cut it today. It's off being polished right now and will be installed later next week; it's the yacht name.

We do a good amount of lettering cuts. We cut these a couple months ago and they're finally installed. They look pretty good :)

Restaurant signage - you cant tell in the photo, but those letters/numbers are 3 inch thick aluminum.

Here is a liscense plate frame I cut and painted for my boyfriend. (GO CANES!!). I got him season tickets for his birthday (best girlfriend ever! ;))

My good friend Clint just got a new smart car, so i made him a baby smart car for his keychain :)

And lastly, this is a glass name plate I cut for my friend. That's her company's logo.

Well that's my day to day in a nutshell. I hope you found this post interesting. I plan on making lots of great things for my new place so stay tuned...