Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Eva's 1st birthday!

I had the pleasure of making a cake and cupcakes for the cutest little one year old around (hi eva!).  i love that there wasn't a theme because i like a nice understated chic kid party and usually they're not like that at all (go hana!).  

i had creative freedom but kept it pretty simple.  i made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla magnolia buttercream :

 Eva's mom liked the stamped monogram cupcakes i made in the past so i made sure to use the same stamp for her toppers:

I made little bows to represent Eva's sweet little girly side and to tie in some pink...this was a baby girls party after all ;)

I kept the cake really simple, pale tiffany blue and white with pink accents.  I made the cake topper at work;  i based it off of the water bottle wraps that were made for the party to keep everything cohesive.

i added a couple medium sized polka dots and that was it, it was complete

Here's the final result:

the sun was not kind to my cupcakes....but i guess that's what happens when you make icing from scratch.  started out pretty, then started leaning, and ended up a melted mess, lol.  thank god it was for a friend
(it took an hour for them to die so people saw them when they were pretty, so not a total loss)

let me know what you guys think and link back to your blogs in the comments :)

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Animal print cupcakes

 Hey everyone!

I know, I know....I'm never on this thing!  Sorry, life's been really busy so please forgive me.  Today I'm sharing the animal print cupcakes i made for a safari themed bridal shower.  Since there was a large quantity (72) and I'm only one person, i decided to use transferable sugar sheets instead of icing/cutting out animal patterns.  I posted about how to use sugar sheets here.  Here's how they turned out:


Let me know what you think and remember to link back to your blog so i can visit :)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

the bow

the blog world is supposed to be a friendly little place.  most of the time it is....HOWEVER i have gotten some serious hate mail about the fact that i didn't explain how to make the bows on my minnie mouse cupcakes.  there was a whole section on how to make the big bow on the cake post (which was pretty much the same for the small ones).

a lot of people left comments asking how to make the bows but they didn't include their email address so i couldn't contact them back....if you're a "no comment blogger" you're not going to get a reply no matter how many times you write a mean email.

relax people, smile!  the world's not that bad!  due to the high volume of mean mail I've been getting for years now I'm addressing it with its own post.  its taken me so long because if you don't have anything nice to say, you don't say anything at all.  BUT i'm over it so here's one for all the meanies out there:

3 photos, here we go:

2 strips, one longer one shorter

fold both ends of the long strip toward the middle

 wrap the shorter strip around

this is how they look...sorry its blurry, don't spam me about it lol

there people!  can the cyber bullying end now??? geez lol

***to all the kind people that asked me in a polite way, i probably emailed you back about it unless you didn't provide an email address...i still love you guys ;)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Engagement photos

We just got our engagement pictures back!  Our photographer for the engagement session (as well as for our wedding day) is Amber Holritz.  She's awesome, you should all check out her websites.  Click here to visit her and her husband's website and here to visit her blog.  You wont regret it :)

Here are a couple of our photos:


Don't forget to visit our wedding website and sign the guestbook!


some updates :)

haven't posted any house updates since i finished the stone wall because everything since then has been little things, but little things make a big difference sometimes. 


i can never resist a chloe pic:

one more bc i know you guys have missed her:

i STILL haven't done a single thing upstairs....literally.  We don't even have baseboards : O 

My wedding

Here's the inspiration board for the ceremony i made when i first started planning.  fast forward to today where we've already paid all of the deposits (except flowers and entertainment)
our super unique wedding is going to be 26 stories underground.  yup, we're getting married in a cavern...not just any cavern, but a cavern with a waterfall inside (as you can see from the top left photo).    we think its super awesome but 20% of people i tell HATE it.  that's ok thought bc its OUR wedding :)

We've already taken 2 trips up to Chattanooga and set everything up for the wedding.  we have one more trip before the big day.  The only thing left for me to do is choose a florist and wedding entertainment...well that's all i think i have to do!

anyhoo, we just took our engagement photos a week ago and they came out great!  i'm going to post them along with our amazing photographer's info.

Go visit our Wedding Website for more information on the wedding and don't forget to sign the guestbook!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cat in the Hat cake + cupcakes!

Hello everyone!  Time for another cake post!  i promise i have some home related things coming up i've just been so busy!  This cake is cat in the hat themed, it was a fun cake and pretty easy...first step is always the same: bake and cool

red velvet anyone?

after the cakes were cool i decided to cover them separately, because there would've 
been to many creases toward the bottom on such a tall cylindrical cake
(plus i covered the seam with stripes so nobody will ever see that)

i cut strips of fondant and stacked them up the cake, i used black 
sugar paper for the black lines to cover the seams

the cupcakes were thing 1 and thing 2 themed...the first thing i did was find their little 
logos and printed them out on regular paper and spent way too much time cutting 
them out.  when i was done i hot glue-gunned (new verb!) the pieces to the front
of my red cupcake liners (that already had the baked cupcakes inside of them).


here's how they came out after i iced them...pretty cute huh? 

well i really wanted that crazy thing 1 and thing 2 hair to come across more so i decided to add 
some blue cotton candy to them.  you should do this as the absolute last step due to the fact
that the cotton candy will want to melt.  i sprinkled a little powdered sugar around the
edges to dry it up a little then i pressed the cotton candy around the edges of the icing

loved this job!  my mom always read me dr. seuss growing up and we share a birthday so i feel connected to the crazy seuss world :)

let me know what you think and as always remember to link back to your blogs so i can go by and say hi!